Surf Lessons


Positive Wave Surf School is a surf school, which teaches all those who want to learn to surf. Our students will integrate the initiation level, if they have no experience in surfing, or after an assessment, they will be able to integrate another level of surfing more appropriate to their level.

Our classes are mixed, and have people of all ages. We provide all the necessary material for the practice of surfing (suit, board). At our school, we favor the safety of our own.





At the initiation level, we understand all students without any surfing experience. In this first level there will always be a surf teacher in the water with the students to teach and help them. Here students will have their first contact with the material, how to use it, and initiation to surfing. We will teach:

  • Knowledge of surf equipment, its good use and its conservation practices
  • Assessment of sea conditions, current zones and surf zones
  • Basic safety and water safety rules
  • How to enter the sea
  • How to do a good physical warm up before entering the sea
  • What is the correct position on the board
  • How to stand on the board ( take off )
  • How to stay upright and balanced on the board when surfing a wave



At the intermediate level, we understand all students who have already acquired the knowledge of the initiation level, and who will learn to surf the waves before their surf. At this intermediate level, there will always be a surf teacher on the water with the students to teach and help them. We will teach:

  • How to pass the strongest surf
  • How to catch waves to break
  • How to surf on the “wall” of the wave
  • How to surf and turn the wave



Attending the advanced level assumes that students have already acquired all the knowledge of the two previous levels (initiation and intermediate). At this level, students will already go alone to the sea, always supervised by the surf teacher, who will remain at the water’s edge to help, correct and eventually help if necessary. Before entering the water, the teacher will give all the indications and instructions of the lesson plan to be carried out by each student. At this level we will teach:

  • Catching waves: – how to choose the “ peak ”; – how to count the “ set ” of waves; – which wave of the “ set ” you should choose; – what is the correct positioning and timing to catch the wave;
  • Basic surfing maneuvers.



At this level, all students must have already learned and well consolidated all the teachings of the previous three levels (Initiation, intermediate and advanced). Given the fact that it is a professional and pre-competition level, the degree of physical and technical demands is very high and requires daily training so that students can achieve the best results. At this level we will teach all the technique of surfing, as well as surf maneuvers for qualifying in competition:

  • Cutback
  • Snap
  • Floaters
  • 360
  • Kick Out
  • Lay back
  • Tail slide
  • Tube
  • Botton Turn
  • Aerial
  • Grab rail or Back side


Surf Lesson Price / Person
Class with a group of 5 people (price per person) 30 €
1 Private lesson 50 €

Classes include:

  • Duration 90 to 120 minutes
  • All the necessary material (suit and board)
  • Surf teacher certified by the Portuguese Surfing Federation
  • Theoretical and practical classes
  • Sports insurance


Surf Lessons Price / Person
1 x Week 45 €
2 x Week 88 €
3 x Week 125 €


Surf Lessons Price / Person
5 Lessons 95 €
10 Lessons 145 €
15 Lessons 195 €
20 Lessons 250 €