Team Building


To learn more about how our ATL works, here are some information about our operation:
– Reception of students between 8:30 and 9:30;
– 2 surf lessons: one in the morning (10:00) and one in the afternoon (14:30), if conditions exist;
– sand games both in the morning and in the afternoon;
– at least one trip to the skatepark during the week and skate lessons on the wall;
– lunch at La Plage restaurant (menu published at the beginning of the week), there is an option to bring lunch from home;
– digestion time spent in the shade in our space with board games (cards, etc.)
– pick up time from 17:30.

— We advise you to bring a snack for the afternoon and skate (for those who have one).
In terms of prices:
– 150€/week | at lunch
– 175€/week | with lunch

We are waiting for you here at our school! Come meet us and spend the best summer holidays with us!

For more information and/or reservations: tel – +351 917 115 930 | email-


Surfing is one of the most fun and dynamic activities in Team Building, with adventure and nature outside the company. Team Building must involve sports with challenge, with the purpose of involving all employees in these challenges and leading them to help each other with the objective that the team succeeds in its purpose. The aim is for employees to spend fun time together, to share experiences and to work together efficiently towards the same challenge.

Positive Wave Surf School organizes Team Building programs, tailored to the business client, where the main activity is Surfing or SUP, or both, and you can also add the activity of Kayak Sea.


Team Building must include playful and interactive activities, in order to strengthen the bonds between the members of a team, so that they achieve the proposed results in a collaborative way with each other.

A day spent at Positive Wave Surf School, in a Team Building, implies managing or optimizing work group dynamics in order to understand how each person thinks, how they work and solve problems, and even how they have fun.