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Positive Wave

About Us
About Us

Positive Wave Surf School is a licensed school for teaching Surf, Longboard, Stand Up Paddle and Bodyboard. We started the project in 2010, being one of the first surf schools at national level, recognized by the Portuguese Surfing Federation (FPS).


Positive Wave’s goal has always been to provide its students with a fun, productive and safe class. We provide all the material necessary to practice any of these modalities.


Our school is located on Praia de Carcavelos, on the premises of Restaurante La Plage, in the westernmost corner of the beach, towards Cascais.


We have an activity plan for all ages and for all types of audiences, even people with disabilities and physical disabilities.


Our surf plans adapt to the needs of our target audience. Our services are:

– Surf Clinics – ATL (Summer Holidays, Christmas Holidays and Easter Holidays);

– Lesson packages (Pack 5 lessons, 10 lessons, 15 lessons and 20 lessons);

– Single class and private class;

– Monthly surf (monthly fee for 1, 2 or 3 times a week)

– Team Building;

– Surfing in schools;

– Adapted Surf.


About Us

Complete theoretical and practical training:

  • Theoretical classes where we teach
    • surf technique
    • Good use of surf equipment
    • Assessment of sea conditions
  • Practical classes where we teach
    • The type of physical warm-up
    • Surfing technique/practice (rowing, sitting on the board, take-off)
    • Assessment of currents in the sea and surf zone
    • Choice of “peak” to surf
    • The selection of waves
    • Positioning and timing to get on the wave
    • Safety techniques and rules.


About Us
  • Surf learning
  • Improvement of the surf level of each student
  • Good physical preparation
  • Teamwork learning
  • Learning to work by objectives and exceed your goals
  • Team spirit development
  • Working at the level of self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Developing a good relationship with the sea